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industrial hard chrome, copper, nickel
buffing and polishing
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industrial hard chrome, copper, nickel

ISO 9000

Surface Preparation--Polishing & Buffing Services

We Specialize in the polishing of I.D. surfaces for industrial use. this is especially important, not only for the smoothing out of welds but also to improve flow. The finishing will help to reduce porosity in the weldment, to lessen the chance to contaminate.

Polishing and buffing can be used either as a finish by themselves or as a preparation of materials that are to be plated or powder-coated to another finish.

Polishing and buffing begins with the cleaning of materials to be finished by either a chemical strip, degreasing or glass beading. In the case of some materials, all three procedures are used.

The surface of the materials can be finished in either a mirror finish or a sating (pearl) finish whichever is called for . These finishes can then be either powder-coated with a clear finish to prevent tarnishing or left in their natural state. In the case of fireplace equipment that is exposed to heat, we do not recommend coating.

Polishing and buffing can be applied to almost any bare metal, i.e. steel, brass, bronze, zinc die cast etc. that needs to have the finish redone.

All polishing and buffing operations are done on the premises by experienced polishers who are proficient in the use of polishing materials on custom pieces

industrial hard chrome, copper, nickel

industrial hard chrome, copper, nickel

industrial hard chrome, copper, nickel

Watts Nickel- Clean, copper and dull nickel

Black Oxide- (Ebornal C ) clean, copper oxide and oil

Polishing- all buy skilled hand work

Buffing- all buy skilled hand work

Satin Finishing- all buy skilled hand work

Plating- is rack and hook only

Hard Chrome- is rack and hook and bridge crane (1000 lb.)

Glass Bead- will give a matt finish ( Mach 40" * 40" )

Polish Chrome

Polish Nickel

Polish Copper

Satin Chrome

Satin Nickel

Satin Copper

Polish Gold

Satin Gold

Polish Brass

Satin Brass

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