Environmentally safe and aware. South Shore Plating holds a strong commitment to the safety of our employees and to the protection and well being of the environment, both inside and outside our facility.

At South Shore Plating, stringent air quality standards are met by utilizing the most up to date mist eliminators and fume scrubber systems available. As well as controlling our air emissions, we are in compliance with all federal and state regulations in regard to our wastewater treatment facilities. We are located outside of Boston MA. on the M.W.R.A. water system which is one of the most stringent in the country. Our system involves pH adjustment, chrome reduction, metals precipitation and ion exchange.

From our shop floor layout, with secondary containment to handle 100% of all plating baths, to the various types of equipment used, South Shore Plating is committed to minimizing the risk to our employees as well as to the community of Quincy, Massachussetts.

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